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Dear Donita

I just wanted to let you know that I just recently viewed your Tips and Techniques for LongArm Machine Quilting video.  I am VERY impressed with the quality and vast amount of information that you have included. I have been a LongArm quilting for near 7 years and have viewed many a produced video in those years. Your video is by far the best quality and the most detailed for anyone who is already or considering custom quilting.  I will highly recommend this to anyone and thank you for making this available!



I have just viewed your new video and I think it is fantastic. You certainly packed a wealth of information into it in the time allotted.  I am a newbie, I have a APQS Millenium (for only a month) so I am trying to absorb as much as possible. I think I learned more from your video than the others combined, and I thank you very much for it.
Sharon Greene



I just finished watching your video which I purchased through Kingsmen. Unfortunatally, I was unable to attend MQS this year.  I can't wait to get another quilt on my machine and start trying all your great ideas.  I took training classes with Linda Taylor in April 1999, prior to purchasing my machine in December 1999.  Otherwise, I'm self-taught on the Gammill Classic and have been hesitant to try more quilting on the "other side" of the machine.  Your video was very informative - I can't wait to try pinning on a quilt the way you showed.  I'll be watching the video again soon - now I know what to do with the circle maker!!   Thank You!!

Elaine Banville


Hi Donita,

I've just finished watching your new video, and thought I'd write to tell you that I really enjoyed it! I think you did an excellent job! Since I've only had my Gammill for 3 months, and am still quite new at this, I appreciated all the detail you put in to even the simple things, like loading a quilt, choosing thread colors, checking the bobbin tension, etc. The quilt you were working on was awesome! Along with all the quilts in the background! I also appreciated that you pay great attention to doing the best job quilting on each customers quilt--not just whipping through the quilting to get done quickly to make a big profit. Thanks for your work on doing this video!

Jean Carlen--Custom Quilt Finishing


Hi Donita,

I purchased your video and thought it was wonderful.  Although I have been in
business for four years I continue to learn something new from everyone.  I
hope you'll sell lots of videos so we can anticipate the next one.

Thank You,
Dorene Anderson Paetz
Sunshine Quilters
Chico, Ca

> I ordered and received in less then 48 hours Donita Reeve's video, also from  Sherry...(thank you Sherry for your speedy friendly service!)  I ditto everything Nell has to say about it...Very well done video and a wonderful addition to my video library....Nell is right there is soooo much info on it that you have to watch it a few times to absorb all of it..I usually play the wait and see game on a new product but this time I took Sherry's word for the quality and she was right..This is an excellent video for beginners as well as intermediate... Thank you Donita..(very pleasant to do business with as well...) and thanks again Sherry!

Louise Gamm/Classic;


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