Maintaining/Repairing your Longarm Quilting Machine Testimonials   

Here's what others have been saying about Donita's Maintenance video. 

July 25, 2003

Dear Donita and Lynn,

I would like to tell you about how pleased my wife, Dolly, is with both your website and business. We have purchased from you several times and service has been both friendly and efficient.

She was especially pleased with Donita Reeve’s videotape on “Maintaining/repairing the Longarm Quilting Machine.” This tape is clear and concise on maintaining and repairing her Gammill Classic longarm machine. She feels that Donita’s tapes are professional quality and are both interesting and informative. These tapes are worth their weight in gold. She recently was in a position that she did need professional help. The mechanic is responsible for maintaining 150 sewing machines in a “mill” producing sportswear. He stated that he would like to have a similar type of tape for his machine operators.

So, in a nutshell, this letter is an unqualified endorsement by both a professional quilter and a machine mechanic.

Charles S. Rufe

I have the Donita Reeve video maintaining your long arm.  I also have another maintenance video and the Donita video puts the other one to shame.

In my humble opinion.  I think the video is concise and well presented not to mention the video is clear in the sense of seeing just what she is doing.

I've had my longarm for almost a year and I just got the video at MQS this year.  I feel I will be able to better maintain my machine, especially the timing part after watching the video.

Marilyn P.

Gammill Classic

Still having way too much fun longarm machine quilting!!

Good morning,

I received as a gift, from a wonderful lady on this list, the new Donita Reeve video entitled Maintaining/Repairing Your Long Arm Quilting Machine. Donita shows both the Gammill Classic and the Classic Plus.  She demonstrates the repairs on the Plus, but they apply also to the regular Classic.  I noticed a few differences in the machines though, like the bobbin winder, the threading guides, and the small spool holders on top of the machine.

I found this video to be absolutely marvelous and a MUST for all new owners of the Gammill Classic or Classic Plus and also to those who have had their machines a while but may be a little timid about repairs etc.  If it had been available six years ago, I probably would not have been as intimidated by the machine as I was.  After watching the video yesterday morning, my husband and I walked past the machine to go out for the day and I said to him, "what in the world ever possessed me to buy this".  Donita is so good and I felt so inadequate for a moment.

As all of you know I am not affiliated with anyone VBG, but Donita is excellent in her presentation, and again, I recommend this video for Gammill owners.  As I am off from work today, I will attempt to correct my needle position, but if I get into trouble, you know I will be begging for help.

Patricia in NM

Gammill Classic

Morning All,

After reading about the machine problems that some have been having lately, I thought it was high time to look at the Donita Reeves maintenance video that arrived last month!

I must admit I treat maintenance like going to the doctor - scared and dread, all rolled into one. And then, surprise, surprise ... Donita explains it so well and it was more thorough than any others I have - she went into more detail on that whole bobbin case and bobbin area than I ever want to know!

So, in my opinion, get this one if you don't have one - she did use two Gammill's to demo.

Connie in CT

Gammill Classic

Good camera guys too, I thought.  We can really see what we need to see.  Not always true with some of the other videos I've seen (or even some of the live demos I've seen). 

Monty in NY

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