Tips and Techniques for Longarm Machine Quilting Video


by Donita Darlington


3100 - $34.95

1 hour and 50 minutes


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Tips and Techniques for Longarm Quilting DVD Video Cover

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This longarm training video was introduced at MQS 2001 and continues to be one of the most popular videos for both beginning and advanced longarm quilters!   


Take your longarm machine quilting to the next level of quality and craftsmanship!

This collection of tips is sure to give you better results on all your quilts.

Donita's special techniques for machine quilting, from start to finish, equal a recipe for precise, accurate work that will keep your customers coming back. 

This video is a demonstration of a variety of techniques applied to a sampler quilt.  Topics Include:

I. Machine Overview and Preparation

  • proper threading and oiling
  • bobbin tension and insertion

II. Recommended Supplies

  • favorite threads and applications
  • needles
  • batting choices/preparation

III. Proper Quilt Setup

  • Measure accurately, pin-on accurately
  • Avoid pleats and wrinkles
  • Keep quilt straight and taut throughout the process

IV. Categorize your quilt: Overall Pattern or Separate Border Treatment

  • Overall Pattern-work quilt from top to bottom
  • Separate Border Treatment - work top border, stabilize quilt on first pass through.
  • Separate your borders (It's like framing and matting a picture)

V. Rotation and Side Border Completion

  • Always rotate quilt with separate border treatments
  • Set in design quilting after rotation

VI. Specialty tools and applications

  • Roll patterns with corners using laser light
  • Free motion (feathers, leaves, loops, stars)
  • Acrylic templates, rulers and guides
  • Tissue paper pattern transfer
  • Blacklight technique
  • Stencils
  • Circle Maker

VII. Perfect Stitch-In-The-Ditch

  • Use of Gam-Guide Jr. and Right angle rulers

Learning proper technique will greatly improve your quilting. Your customers will appreciate your quality work and attention to details.

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