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Superior Threads - Masterpiece by Alex AndersonIt is my privilege and pleasure to be associated with Superior Threads, whose reputation throughout the sewing and quilting community is that of excellence. They are known for their business integrity, quality of product, and excellent customer care. Superior Threads sincerely believes in education and is dedicated to providing the best products and product knowledge to today's consumer. I applaud their attention to our needs.


MasterPiece™ is a #50/2 extra-long staple Egyptian cotton that is ideal for today's quilter. It is fine and smooth and a delight to work with. It is wonderful for piecing, quilting, and also in the bobbin. Accuracy when piecing becomes instantly enhanced because MasterPiece™ creates a very smooth, flat, and even seam which does not add any bulk. A flatter seam is especially important when sewing together blocks that contain many points.

For machine quilting, MasterPiece™ softly blends into the quilt layers, enhancing the quilting designs we have grown to love. When used in the bobbin, due to its fine, smooth quality, I'm surprised at how much thread I can load onto the bobbin.


With fifty wonderful colors available, MasterPiece™ is perfect for both machine and hand appliqué. An extra-long staple Egyptian cotton means very low lint and the strongest cotton thread available. This results in a cleaner sewing machine, less breakage, less frustration, and less down time. With all these benefits, it could easily be called nature's finest thread.


Having quilted for several decades and sewing since I was a child, I have had the opportunity to work with many different threads. I have fallen in love with both MasterPiece™ and the company which created it, Superior Threads. MasterPiece™ is truly the masterpiece of quality and the name Superior says it all.

Alex Anderson


Nature's finest thread. #50/2 extra-long staple Egyptian cotton for piecing, detail quilting, bobbin, lace, and applique.

Very smooth with virtually no lint.


600 yd Spools


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