Stitch in the Ditch Guide (SID Guide)

1590   - $16.50 - Any machine with a 1/2" hopping foot

1590A - $16.50 - APQS with a 3/4" hopping foot


Stitch Guide (with instructions)
Gadget Girl Stitch in the Ditch guide
The Stitch Guide fits around the hopping foot and is used to help guide the needle in the direction you wish to stitch.

Unlike a straight edge, the Stitch Guide gives you an edge on three sides of the hopping foot. This enables you to switch directions instantly without stopping to reposition the straight edge.

Donita's favorite use for this tool is to baste the side edges of a quilt.  It works great to press the fabric flat in front of the needle as you pull it down the quilt.


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