Heart Set and Tiny Heart Templates

by Gadget Girls

1410  - $44.00  (Heart Set)

1405    - $8.80  (Tiny Heart)


Heart Set & Tiny Heart (instructions included)
Gadget Girls Heart Set Longarm Quilting Tool

These templates are designed for "Plop and Stitch" ease in machine quilting. You position the template where you want the stitching to go and stitch against the template. Fast and easy!


Set of three different sizes of hearts. The shape of the top of the heart may look a little funky, but remember that the hopping foot takes up 1/4" outside the heart and smoothes out the stitched shape!

Large - for 10" to 12" blocks.  

Medium - for 8" to 9" blocks.  

Small - for 5" to 7" blocks. 


Tiny Heart - just right for smaller blocks.


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