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Curved Crosshatching Set


Curved Cross-hatching Template


This set of tools is designed to quilt Curved Cross-hatching arcs.

  • Comes with 2 acrylic guides providing 4 seperate sizes of arcs.
  • Designed to provide the maximum amount of arc for each size of quilt block.
  • Comes with an acrylic aligment guide. This guide is used to make the arcs perpindicular to each other, and to help determine which size of arc to use in the area that needs to be crosshatched.
  • Results in a softer look than straight crosshatching.

- Detailed Instructions -


This tool requires very little practice to become proficient.

It’s all about the details!


Shows how it looks when the entire block is quilted. You can use a steeper curve if the cross-hatching doesn't go all the way to the corners of a block.

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