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Triple Play

Ideal for Quilting Continuous Curves and Petals


Triple Play - Continuous Curve Tool

Triple Play - Continuous Curve Longarm Quilting Tool


This tool is designed to quilt precise arcs in a variety of applications such as:


- Continuous curves in half square triangles -

- Each curve was designed specifically for each block sizes -

- Petal shapes in small to medium block sizes -

- Can also be used for Vines in Feathers -

- Easy to grip, easy to sew (concave curves) -

- Detailed Instructions -


Remember, it's easier to sew an arc when your hopping foot is following a concave curve rather than an outside curve.

1760S - $23.00 (Small)

Designed for 2.5", 3" and 4" quilt blocks


1760L - $28.75 (Large)

Designed for 5", 6", and 7" quilt blocks


1760T - $17.25 (Tiny)

Designed for even smaller quilt blocks


This tool requires very little practice to become proficient and produces a neat, clean look.

It’s all about the details!



Continuous Curves

Continuous Curve Tool

Continuous Curves: Stitching Continuous Curves in blocks and 1/2 square triangles is a popular treatment as you can quilt across an entire row of either blocks or triangles from left to right, and complete the design by stitching from right to left across the top without ever breaking off your thread. Doing this treatment with the use of an acrylic guide will result in very uniform curves. Donita has found that it is easier to stitch continuous line curves when following a tool with an inside curve rather than an outside curve.




Petal Pattern created with continuous curve tool.

Another fun application with this tool is to stitch petals in a block.


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