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Basting Tool

Ideal for Basting the edges of your quilt.


Basting Tool


This tool is used to baste down the side edges as you work your way through the quilt.

The tool is designed with a cutout and etched lines on both ends for use on either the left or right edges of the quilt.


I really recoommend basting the side edges of the quilt for a couple of reasons:

  1. If you baste prior to doing design stitching on the interior of the quilt, and establish the size, the quilt does not pull in and become narrower
  2. Have the edges basted gives you a nice straight edge to apply your binding. Without it, the edges be become wavy depending on dense and negative areas of stitching in the border.

Line up the etched line with the raw edge of your quilt top to make a line of stitching just inside of a quarter inch. This row of stitching will not have to be removed when either you or your customer apply the binding.


1240   -  $17.25 - Any machine with a 1/2" hopping foot

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