Longarm Quilting Tool used to help guide the hopping foot.

1230   -  $18.50 - Any machine with a 1/2" hopping foot




Donita Darlington developed this tool to precisely guide the hopping foot. 

It was mentioned in the Quilting Professional Issue 5, Nov 2002.  Look in the Product and Technique Q & A Section.  It was suggested as the solution to "getting your sewing needle to go exactly where you want".   

It has become very popular as more and more people are finding out how easy it is to use.  Testimonials

Use this Ruler to:
  • Stitch in the Ditch around appliqué or curved shapes
  • Short straight line Stitch in the Ditch:
  • Outline or echo quilting around appliqué or curved shapes
  • Follow a stencil.

Basically, anytime you want to get more control over where the needle is going to go, you would want to use this tool. 

Accuguide Longarm Quilting Tool



Accuguide Longarm Quilting Tool
Place the cut-out of the Accu-Guide around the hopping foot.  Hold it in position with the middle finger at the gentle dip-shape at the top and rest the thumb on the bottom edge.  The guide creates pressure from the left and the right hand on the stop/go button provides pressure from the right side.  This motion, effectively, gives you great control and steering ability of the hopping foot.  It allows precise and accurate stitching around pre-printed items and applique pieces.  
Accuguide Longarm Quilting Tool
Flip the guide over and use the straight edge of the guide to follow straight lines on the fabric and/or piecing.  Great for Stitch-In-The Ditch.  The partial curve around the hopping foot gives extra control and stability.
Accuguide Longarm Quilting Tool
Using the alternate hopping foot cut-out allows you to stitch going the opposite direction.  A real plus if you are left handed!  .
Accu-guide Longarm Quilting Tool
The Accu-Guide is easy to grip while sewing in all angles around a design.

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