Tissue Paper with One Waxy Side Technique for Quilting


Tissue Paper with One Waxy Side - Longarm Quilting Supplies

We no longer use this technique, since we've found that Vellum Paper is easier to use.

This type of tissue paper is a great way to transfer a specialty design to your quilt because it tears off easily and holds it's shape while you are stitching through it. Each package contains 40 sheets of 24"x36" tissue paper that is waxy on one side.


Transfer Method is as follows:

  1. Select a design you would like to stitch onto the quilt.  The design could be a drawing a child has done, a drawing in a book (be sure to get permission to use the design if you plan to sell the quilt), or just about anything you can make a copy of..
  2. Make a photocopy of the design (the photocopier has to be the type that requires toner).
  3. Place the waxy side of the tissue paper against the drawing you want to photocopy, and iron it with a hot dry iron. This will transfer the design to the tissue paper.
  4. Apply 404 Permanent Spray Adhesive to the waxy side of the tissue paper (which now has the design ironed onto it), and position the tissue paper as desired onto the quilt. It's important to put the waxy side of the paper against the quilt.
  5. Stitch through the paper, following the lines.
  6. Tear away the paper. This tissue paper is nice and thin so it will tear away easily (unlike regular wax paper).

Note: Each photocopy design can only be used once.  For example, if want to put  the design into 12 blocks, you will need to make 12 copies of the design.


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