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404 Permanent Adhesive

2060 - $11.98

404 Permanent Adhesive - Longarm Quilting Supplies

404 Permanent Adhesive - Longarm Quilting Supplies

The benefit of this "Permanent" adhesive, is that the sticky part will stick to whatever you initially apply it to, and not to the quilt.  Then you can peel it off, and stick it to another part of the quilt.  The part you initially sprayed will remain sticky so you can re-use it. 


Donita uses it primarily to spray the waxy side of the tissue paper when performing the "Tissue Paper Method" of transferring a design to the quilt.


404 Permanent Adhesive Features:

  • Reposition Over and Over
  • No Mist
  • No Residue
  • No CFC
  • Acid Free

Directions for using 404 Adhesive:

  1. Spray lightly and always spray six inches from the backside of the item to be glued.
  2. Wait 5 minutes for glue to cure.
  3. Press into place firmly with your hand.
  4. Glued item may be repositioned again and again.

Cleans up with rubbing alcohol..



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