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8 oz. Marking Pencil Removal

$ 7.25

Marking Pencil Remover

Marking Pencil Removal Solution

8 oz bottle of Marking Pencil Removal safely Removes Marking Pencil Marks. Easy Spray Application. Quilters Rule Marking Pencil Removal solution was formulated and designed to safely remove marking pencil marks from all types of sewing projects without the use of phosphates.

The following marking pencils can be removed using Marking Pencil Removal solution.

  • Berol
  • VeriThin
  • EZ pencils
  • General pencils
  • graphite leads
  • (Note: Yellow pencil markings may take several applications to remove.)

Directions: Test markings and Marking Pencil Removal solution on a sample fabric before use on project is recommended. Shake well before each use, lightly spray solution on markings with pump sprayer. Allow about 15 seconds of time for solution to penetrate marks before wiping with clean soft cloth. Wipe fabric surface again with clean damp cloth.


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