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Black Light Powder - Small

2090S - $7.00 Small ( 2oz )

Black Light Powder - Small

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Small Black Light Powder for Quilting Stencils

Black Light Powder is normally used in a pounce pad to chalk stencils on light colored fabric when the white chalk powder is too hard to see.  

However, Donita mixes it with Black Light Powder as follows:

  • 1 part Black Light Powder  

  • 3 parts White Chalk Powder

Then she puts it into a little flat Tupperware container, and dips a foam paint brush into the powder.  When she uses the foam paint brush to apply the black light powder to the stencil, it results in an outline that is much smoother and more even.  When you mix it like this, it still shows up just as well under a black light, and it makes the black light powder last longer.

After the stencil is marked, you would then put the black light bulb in your machine and turn off the room lights to make the stencil pattern easy to see and follow.


Dipping the foam brush into the black light powder mixture before applying it to the stencil.
Applying the black light powder to the stencil so it can be quilted.

The above two pictures show dipping the foam brush into the powder mixture and then applying it to the stencil.

What the black light powder looks like with the black light turned on.
Shows what the black light powder looks like when it is lit up by the black light.  It's the fluorescent green color.  The combination of black light and black light powder makes it very easy to see where you should be stitching.

The bright white lines are white thread.  You might wonder why not just the white chalk powder under the black light.  The reason is that you won't be able to see it very well against white fabric.  


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