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Thread Guide for Gammill Quilting Machines




Gammill Thread Guide

If you have any problems with thread breakage when running fussy thread -- we may have the answer!!! 


This is our new thread guide for the Gammill machines,

specifically designed by Donita to take the stress off of fussy thread. 


Thread Guide for Gammill Quilting Machines

Simply replace the lower thread guide, use the same screw and attach the new guide.


The thread guide directs the thread from the right side of the machine, at an angle, to a position directly in front of the needle, minimizing the stress on the thread. 


Donita finds it makes a HUGE difference when running  "fussy" thread. 



Testimonials for the Gammill Thread Guide

Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2003 19:31:45 -0000

From: "Carol Byrd"

Subject: thread guide


Hi all,


Just wanted to chime in on the kudos given to the innovative quilter who created something to make life so much easier the thread guide for Gammill's.


This guide is a tiny length of twisted wire that looks like a piece of orthodontia after a middle schooler had gotten through with it. Frankly, it's not initially very impressive for 12 bucks.  BUT it is a small miracle worker.  Truly.  I replaced my factory-installed thread guide with this twisted genie yesterday, and yee-haw, has it made life easier.  The guide takes the thread to the front of the needle, so the thread path is no longer a ravaging, shredding journey from the side. Specialty threads that used to break when I just exhaled during quilting are now hanging tough.


It's totally unbelievable, and well worth the expense.  Many thanks to Donita Reeve (and possibly MacGyver) for creating this twisted wire of brilliance.  It's so logical that it's hard to believe that it isn't offered as standard by Gammill.


Carol B in Tenn.

Gammill Premiere

I ordered one of these thread guides for my Statler enhanced Gammill Optimum. I had been having an especially hard time with metallic thread for some Christmas quilts and wall hangings. And while I still have a thread break every now and again, it is far less problemattic than without this guide. I large part because this guide gently guides the thread around to the front of the needle. Previously, the thread was predominantly guided at a sharp angle into the needle. I highly recommend this simple and inexpensive accessory.


-=> Mark Roy <=-
Little Red Quilt House
Statle Stitcher/Gammill Optimum

(See the links page for a link to his website)

Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2003 05:54:00 -0600

From: Barbara Cannon

Subject: Some great new products.........


The new thread guide from Donita Reeves is terrific.  It makes so much sense to have your thread travel this route! 


Also her new extension base is fantastic!  It goes over the front roll bar so you don't lose any quilting space.  It's metal therefore you can't break it and it's so easy to install. 


I also bought her Illuminator light.  It's small enough to not be in your way but throws off an incredible amount of bright white light.  It's also great to have when working on the machine..... It's tough trying to work and hold a flash light at the same time!


Just MHO in case anyone's wondering about these new products!



Gammill Classic Plus


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