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Ultra Pro Seam Ripper - by Havel's

2270 - $11.00

Seam Ripper



Surgical Seam Ripper Ultra Pro

Longarm Quilting Supplies and Accessories

surgical seam ripper ultra pro for ripping out seams

Makes it quick and easy to take out stitches.


With normal Seam Rippers you are always poking at the quilt.  


With this Seam Ripper, you can slice more from the side, so you are less likely to cut the quilt.  And it is much sharper than a normal Seam Ripper so you are less likely to slip and tear the fabric.



  • Surgically sharp blades glide through heavy stitches.

  • Blades replace easily with the stainless steel screw-lock handle.

  • Curved blade ends won't poke or tear fabric



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