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Gammill RulerMate

Extended Base Plate


- optional cutout for the camera available by special request only-



We are pleased to announce our own, unique version of an extended base plate called The RulerMate. The extended base plate is used to provide a solid base for the acrylic guides, templates, and rulers.

  • Easy to attach and remove.  Flip the two levers up to attach, and flip them down to remove. Itís the quickest, most convenient clamping system on the market.

  • Extended plate width providing maximum support for your acrylic guides and rulers (but not too wide, so you can still park your machine).

  • Straight front edge to allow closer stitching to the belly bar.  The distance from the needle, to the front of the base is 4 inches.

  • Beveled edges eliminates the bump when the extended base plate hits the Velcro clamps on the side edges of the quilt. The RulerMates beveled edge has more bevel than anything else on the market, ensuring that the clamps will hit on the middle of the beveled slope so you won't even notice when it hits the clamps. 

  • Lightweight anodized aluminum provides a smooth, firm surface that will last a lifetime. The anodizing process seals the aluminum so it will never leave marks on your quilt.

  • Access to the oiling point on the throat plate eliminates the need to remove the plate to oil the machine.

  • Unobstructed view and access to the bobbin area. 

  • Heavy duty metal clamp provides a solid attachment to the machine head.

  • Channel cut on the underside and topside of the RulerMate, allows you to slide it on or off without having to raise the hopping foot.

Side View

Finally, an extended base plate that is easy to install and remove.  Just a quick flip of two levers to tighten it, and another quick flip to loosen it.  Nothing else comes close to being this convenient. 

Bottom View 

  • Note the large, easy to grip levers that are used to securely attach the RulerMate to your machine. 

  • Also shown is the new clamping mechanism that stays perpendicular to the base plate. 

Front view 

Note that  there is nothing obstructing the bobbin case. 

Top view of the RulerMate showing with optional cut-out for the camera


Note the hole that allows access to the oiling point.  It measures 10 inches deep and 12 inches wide.  Even though it is 10 inches deep, you can see that most of the surface area is towards the back.  This gives you plenty of support for the acrylic guide.  The reduced area towards the front allows you to stitch closer to the belly bar. 

The groove on the top of the extended base plate allows the base plate to pass under the hopping foot without having to adjust the height of the hopping foot.

Also note that the edges of the RulerMate base plate are beveled.  The purpose for beveled edges, is to allow the quilt clamps at the left and right edges of the quilt, to ride easily up and over the base plate without snagging.  It can be very disconcerting to be quilting a nice smooth curve, and suddenly hitting one of the clamps.

Close up of the lever when it is loose.

Close up of the lever when it is locked into place.


Because of the extremely beveled edges, the RulerMate will pass under the Velcro spring clamps without affecting your stitching.


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