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Miracle Chalk

Great for Marking your Quilts


Miracle Chalk

The World's BEST quilt marking Pounce Chalk

Donita thinks this stuff is GREAT!

Much better than regular chalk powder because it doesn't bounce off

and it comes off easier.

Miracle Chalk Pounce Powder - Quilt Marking Chalk


Marking with pounce chalk has just become easier, cleaner, and highly visible.


Formulated for fabrics

LESS airborne chalk particles

No Chalk bounce when sewing

Marks removed with a swipe of a steam iron

Mark a quilt BEFORE loading on a longarm or shortarm machine

Stays on fabric until removed with a steam iron for great visability

Do not mix with other chalks.

Recommended for use with a chalk pad




Miracle Chalk 2oz package

Miracle Chalk Pounce Powder 2oz bag - Quilt Marking Chalk

2171 - $7.80



Miracle Chalk - Chubby Crayon

Miracle Chalk Chubby Crayon - Quilt Marking Chalk

The Chubby Crayon Fabric Marker

Hand friendly

Marks disappear with steam iron

2172 - $10.00



Miracle Chalk - Set of 3 Markers

Miracle Chalk Set of 3 Markers - Quilt Marking Chalk

Miracle Marker makes GREAT lines

Sharpens by drawing across sandpaper or shave with a knife

Each bag contains 3 markers.  

2173 - $8.25



Quick Swipe Chalk Pad

Quick Swipe Chalk Pad by Miracle Chalk (Previously refered to as a Pounce Pad)





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