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Mega Mat


Large Quilting Cutting Mats

Special Order item!

May take 4-6 weeks for delivery and will be shipped seperately.


Sample of the Large 4' x 8' Cutting Mat.  So big that it wouldn't fit in the same picture.  This is another product that Donita uses daily.  She keeps it on her large cutting table.  



The Pinnable Self-Repairing Cutting Mat

This is our top of the line cutting mat. If there's a way to make it better we'd like to know about it. Made from .100 (1/10") or .125 (1/8") or .200 (13/64") special plastic soft enough for pinning and flexible enough to be rolled for easy storage, although we recommend flat storage for maintaining flatness and a longer life.


The Economy Cutting Mat


This is the Cutting Mat that everyone can afford. Low price but not low quality. It's made from 1/16" semi-rigid plastic which will provide years of service under normal use. Requires flat storage.


All mats are marked with 1" grids, 1/4" hash marks, bias lines and metric measurements.


Smaller sizes are preferred by quilters and crafters. Larger sizes are preferred by dressmakers, tailors, graphic and sign professionals.




1) This product is shipped directly from the manufacturer in a separate box.


2) The shipping charge will be the amount we are charged by the manufacturer (approximately $5 - $20 depending on size of mat and the zip code). The higher shipping charge is due to the fact that it is an oversized package.


3) All Mats are special orders, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.







Item #


Pinnable Gridded Rotary 5inื7in

Thickness: .100in



Pinnable Gridded Rotary 18inื24in

Thickness: .100in



Pinnable Gridded Rotary 24inื36in

Thickness: .100in



Pinnable Gridded Rotary 31inื70 7/8in

Thickness: .100in



Pinnable Gridded Rotary 32inื55in

Thickness: .100in



Pinnable Gridded Rotary 32inื60in

Thickness: .100in



Pinnable Gridded Rotary 38 1/2inื73 1/4in

Thickness: .100in



Pinnable Gridded Rotary 40inื36in

Thickness: .100in



Pinnable Gridded Rotary 40inื60in

Thickness: .100in



Pinnable Gridded Rotary 40inื72in 

Thickness: .100in



Pinnable Gridded Rotary 40in×72in 

Thickness: .100in Rounded Corners



Pinnable Gridded Rotary 48inื96in

Thickness: .125in



Pinnable Gridded Rotary 48inื96in

Thickness: .200in



Pinnable Gridded Rotary 60inื120in  Not Printed w/Grid

Thickness: .125in



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