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Gammill Hop-Align

Hopping Foot Alignment Tool for Gammill Quilting Machines

2146 - $34.50


Is your needle perfectly centered in your hopping foot?

Is your hopping foot the proper height above the needle plate? 


This new tool will allow you to easily adjust the height of your hopping foot and will also center the needle in the hopping foot.


It is very difficult to get the needle exactly centered in the hopping foot.  If the needle isn't perfectly centered in the hopping foot, it becomes impossible to position an acrylic guide 1/4" from a specific point on the quilt, and expect to hit it. This new tool ensures that the needle is perfectly centered.


Setting the height of the hopping foot the old way is not very easy.  You've probably been told to set the height of the hopping foot using two or three business cards (or a dime).  But the needle plate on the Gammill quilting machines has a hump in the middle of it.  So do you measure the height from the top of the hump, or from the bottom of the hump?  This tool eliminates that concern. 


It has three different height settings so you can adjust the hopping foot easily, based on the thickness of your quilt. We like to adjust the bottom of the hopping foot to be even with the top of the hump.  So we use the Medium slot on the tool.  This works with 95% of our quilts.  If you ever get an extra thick quilt, or an extra thin quilt, you can use the High or Low slots.


How to use the Hop-Align

1. Power off the Quilting Machine and un-plug it.
2. Manually rotate the flywheel to position the needle at its lowest position.
3. Remove the black rubber plug on the right side of the machine so you can access the screw that holds the hopping foot bar in place.  The picture to the right shows the rubber plug removed and the screw which is now accessible.   
4. Loosen the screw (don't remove it) until the hopping foot is free to move up or down and side to side.  
5. Slide the Hop-Align over the hopping foot using whichever cutout you prefer (we normally use the Medium cutout).
5. Press down on the hopping foot to hold the Hop-Align in place as you retighten the screw on right side of the machine.


(Pressing down on the hopping foot to hold the Hop-Align in place will result in a more accurate height adjustment.)

6. That's it, your done!  It is now perfectly centered and set to the correct height.


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