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Heirloom Hemstitching


You know the saying, “Everything Old is New Again”?


DMC Cebelia Cotton Crochet ThreadWell, that certainly applies to my newest venture into HEIRLOOM HEMSTITCHING. Hemstitching is a vintage sewing technique done with very old commercial sewing machines that only do one thing – Hemstitch. It punches holes and sews around them, producing a finished hole, the perfect size to accomodate a small crochet hook and a medium size crochet thread. The machines were originally used on linens or fine clothing. Now they are used mainly for crocheting beautiful lace edgings on baby items such as blankets, bibs and burp cloths. The machine has 2 piercers, 2 needles and 2 bobbins and you run it around the edge of flannel baby items and linens. Then, they are ready for a crocheted edge to finish them into a beautiful handmade item, a really unique gift for a special baby.


There were a few different manufacturers of Hemstitch machines, one of them being Singer. Singer has not manufactured these machines for nearly 60 years and they are very hard to find. I have looked for one for quite sometime and when we located one, it didn’t run properly. I had every confidence that Vern could figure it out, (especially since he has become such a Gammill repair gur u) and started buying flannel. After much fiddling, trial and error, and finding a repairman’s manual online, the machine is running perfectly and I am manufacturing flannel receiving blankets in two sizes, snap bibs, pullover bibs and burp pads. They are available in dozens of cute baby prints.


We are also selling the supplies you need to complete your Hemstitched item; i.e., crochet hooks,booklets with crochet edging directions and the DMC #10 thread in about 24 colors to complete your project. It’s a fun little change from quilting, a great project for traveling or in front of the t.v., and is quick and easy. The directions are straight forward, NO crochet experience necessary!


I will also hemstitch on your own flannel and charge by the running/linear yard. Call for pricing.


Click on one of the following links to order hemstitching items.


Choose custom fabric combinations for the Hemstitching Items


Click Here for the DMC Cebelia Cotton Crochet Thread - Ideal for Crocheting your edges


COMING soon you will be able to order additional crocheting supplies




Sample of a Completed Baby Bib showing the crocheted edging

Sample of a Baby Snap Bib showing the completed Crocheted edging.

Sample of a Completed Burp Blanket showing the crocheted edging

Sample of a Burp Cloth showing the completed Crocheted edging.

Sample of a Baby Receiving Blanket (folded in half), showing the completed Crocheted edging.


Closeup showing the holes formed by the hemstitching. The holes are ready for you to crochet the edges.

Close-up view of row of uniform hemstitched holes ready for you to trim and crochet decorative stitch of your choice.

Closeup showing the perfectly formed thread path.

Close-up showing the perfectly formed hemstitching thread path.



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