The Old Farmhouse Kitchen - Cook Book

The Old Farmhouse Kitchen - Cook Book


- Gammill Thread Guide-

Thread Guide




- Triple Play-

Continuous Curve Tool

Continuous Curve Longarm Quilting Tool

Continuous Curve Quilting Tool



- Basting Tool -

Basting Tool for Quilt side edges

Basting Tool


- Accuguide-

Makes it easy to guide the Hopping Foot


Donita Reeve, Accu-Guide Longarm Quilting Tool




- Star Templates -

Star Templates


- Hopping Foot Alignment Tool -

Hopping foot alignment tool



- Curved Crosshatching Set-

Curved Cross Hatching Tool

Curved Cross-Hatching Quilting Set







*** Extended Base Plates ***


Extended Base Plate

 now available for the A-1, Gammill, APQS and Nolting! 

A-1 RulerMate

Gammill RulerMate

Nolting RulerMate

Nolting Extended Base Plate for Longarm Quilting Machines

APQS RulerMate




*** Longarm Machine Snake Light ***


"I'll be Bright!"


The Illuminator is a flexible snake light that allows you to place a light source down low and to the side of your machine that can be used by itself or in conjunction with the machine light.  As you may have experienced, it is especially difficult to see the stitching if your thread color is the same as the fabric. In that instance, more overhead light typically does not help. You need to have light that comes from the side, and casts a shadow to see the stitching. The Illuminator is perfect for this application!


  • Flexible arm so you can position the light exactly where you want. 

  • 50 Watt bulb for plenty of light.

  • Easy to reach power switch.

  • Large Integrated C-clamp so you can easily attached it to any quilting machine.

  • Extra long power cord that can run up the middle of your machines existing power cord, and plug into the same outlet that your existing power cord plugs into.

Once you've used it, you'll wonder how you ever got along without The Illuminator.

 Click here for more information about the Illuminator.

With the Illuminator

With the standard machine light 




*** Longarm Quilting Videos ***

by Donita Darlington 

These videos were professionally filmed and edited in an effort to make her explanations as clear as possible.  The videos cover a wide variety of topics including loading the longarm quilting machine properly, needle selection, longarm quilting tools, longarm quilting accessories,  pantographs, quilting machine maintenance and repairs.  They cover everything from the basics to the more advanced techniques so you can feel confident that you can do a professional quilting job for your customers.  All of the longarm quilting tools used in her videos are available for sale on this web site.

Tips and Techniques for Longarm Machine Quilting by Donita Reeve

Tips and Techniques for Longarm Machine Quilting  


Maintianing Repairing your Longarm Quilting Machine, by Donita Reeve

Maintaining/Repairing your Longarm Quilting Machine  


Favorite Gadgets and Tools for Longarm Quilting

Favorite Gadgets & Tools for Longarm Quilting  


Pantographs for Borders and All-Over Designs

Pantographs for Borders and All-Over Designs  



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Longarm Quilting Gift Certificate - Santa


Longarm Quilting Gift Certificate - Fall


Longarm Quilting Gift Certificate - Celebrate


Longarm Quilting Gift Certificate - Spring and Summer

"Spring and Summer"

Longarm Quilting Gift Certificate - Sweetheart








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